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Last Updated: Monday, 23 July 2007, 11:27 GMT 12:27 UK
Family on standby to leave house
Some 350,000 homes in Gloucestershire are without water with supplies running out elsewhere after a treatment works was flooded.

The BBC News website spoke to one young family that is trying to cope.

Erin Hensley says it is a waiting game for her family, who live in Painswick Road in Gloucester.

She and her husband Lee, 30, have been struggling to look after their three young children with no tap water.

We are seriously thinking about moving the family out if the electricity goes
Erin Hensley

But they, like many others in the area, are hoping that the electricity supply does not get cut off, like it has for others living nearby.

"We're just one street away from houses that have been under water for a couple of days," Erin, 29, told the BBC News website.

"We are seriously thinking about moving the family out if the electricity goes as we're worried for the children."

No child baths

Water supplies have dried up for about 350,000 people in Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury and it is a matter of hours before more homes run out after a pumping station at Mythe was submerged on Sunday.

Erin and Lee are worried about their three children, Morgan, six, Shay, three and Aoife, was is five months old.

"My husband and I are concerned because we can't give the children a bath or wash their clothes and with young children like ours that a big issue," she said.

"We'll manage until the power goes - if that happens we'll have no way of drying clothes so I think we'll have to go."

Watching and waiting

As soon as the flood water began lapping at the street behind Painswick Road, Erin and her neighbours knocked on doors to check elderly and frail people had water and to make sure they did not feel alone.

"We all know each other so we made a point of visiting but there are so many people where that's not the case - I don't know what they're doing," said Erin.

Another high tide is forecast for Tuesday night. Until then the residents of Painswick Road in the city of Gloucester are sitting tight, watching and waiting.

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