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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 February 2006, 18:05 GMT
Chip litterbug faces double fine
"Chip after chip" was tossed from the car by Mathew Bruer
An Essex man who threw chips out of his car window has received fines for littering from two councils because they fell across both districts.

Mathew Buer, 21, of Clacton, was fined 50 by Colchester Borough Council after he was spotted littering on the A133.

Mr Buer had paid the fine and thought the matter was settled until a second demand for payment was posted to him from neighbouring Tendring District.

A council employee who was driving behind him notified both authorities.

Chip after chip

Mike Page, a spokesman for Tendring District Council, said on Wednesday that one of its employees had been driving behind Mr Buer and had reported him after taking offence at seeing him throwing the chips.

"It wasn't just a few chips - this was chip after chip and the wrapping as well," he said.

"It covered a fair distance and the employee who was following him obviously took exception and notified both authorities."

Mr Buer was unavailable for comment.

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