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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 January 2008, 16:14 GMT
'Dancing' gorilla thrills crowds
Dansi the Western gorilla: Picture Paignton Zoo
Jigs and chest beats are gorillas' means of communication
A possible rival for the Strictly Coming Dancing crown has been pulling in the crowds in Devon.

But Alesha Dixon need not lose too much sleep, as the pretender to the throne is a Western gorilla called Damsi.

Visitors to Paignton Zoo say Damsi's energetic jigs rival the drumming ability of a fake gorilla featured in a recent television advert.

"It happens without warning and is very quick and dramatic," zoo spokesman Phil Knowling said.

The picture of the dancing gorilla was taken by a visitor to the zoo.

Mr Knowling said the primates communicate with each other using various sounds, including grunts, rumbles, coughs, barks and chest beats.

"Visitors are always impressed to see gorillas beating their chests and the sound carries, so you hear it from elsewhere in the zoo," he said.

"He's pretty nifty on his feet but I don't think he'll be entering Strictly Come Dancing."

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