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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 October 2007, 18:50 GMT
Unmarked patrols targets drivers
M5 driver stopped by unmarked police car
Drivers are being warned they could face prison
Police in Devon and Cornwall are going undercover to tackle speeding motorists and those whose driving intimidates other motorists.

Operation Vortex will involve the use of a fleet of unmarked cars to patrol main routes in both counties.

Unmarked motorcycles will also be used on roads such as the M5, A38 and the North Devon Link Road.

Motorists who tailgate other vehicles or use mobiles phones will also be targeted by police.

The operation will run for a month and officers said the law will be robustly enforced.

There are motorists who have a very complacent, or even arrogant, approach to driving
Patrol Officer Ralph Delbridge

Motor Police Constable Ralph Delbridge told BBC News the aim of Operation Vortex was to increase awareness on the region's roads.

"It's quite apparent to us that there are motorists who have a very complacent, or even arrogant, approach to driving," he said.

"That in itself is causing danger on the roads and impacting on the casualty figures we're seeing."

Motorists have been warned that if the offences warrant it, they will end up in prison.

Police say motoring laws will be robustly enforced

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