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Last Updated: Friday, 11 May 2007, 13:14 GMT 14:14 UK
Dutch text helps cliff fall man
Rescue pictures from RAF
The man was walking from Clovelly to Hartland
Rescue teams were alerted to a man who had spent the night stuck at the bottom of a Devon cliff after he sent a text message to his girlfriend in Holland.

The man, 47, was walking from Clovelly to Hartland on Thursday when his dog fell and he climbed down to rescue him.

A search began on Friday after the man was reported missing from a local B&B.

An hour later the Dutch man's girlfriend also contacted emergency services after getting a text from him. He and the dog were winched to safety.

Well equipped

The man, who was on holiday from The Netherlands, was walking from Clovelly to Hartland with his dog, a pointer called Casper.

Coastguards said he had set out well equipped for his walk on Thursday morning at 1000 BST.

A search began after the owner of the B&B he was staying at contacted the coastguard to say the man had not come back from his walk.

An hour into the search, Brixham Coastguard received a call from a woman in Holland saying her boyfriend was stuck on the cliff near Hartland Point and that he could see the lighthouse.

Hartland Point
The man had told his girlfriend he could see the lighthouse

Swansea Coastguard called out the Hartland Point and Westward coastguard rescue team, and the Clovelly RNLI lifeboat and a rescue helicopter were scrambled.

The man was soon spotted and winched to safety.

Coastguard Helen Hutson said: "Once again this incident highlights the importance of keeping your dog on a lead near cliff edges, in the event of a dog going over a cliff edge, please do not put yourself at risk to rescue your pet."

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14 Mar 07 |  England

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