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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 August 2006, 16:07 GMT 17:07 UK
Lobster's snappy return of wallet
A Plymouth man is celebrating the snappy return of his wallet after it was found being clutched by a lobster.

The wallet was lost when Paul Westlake, 30, took a swim in Plymouth Sound with his brother after drinking in a pub.

It was handed in a few days later to Mr Westlake's hairdresser by a diver who had caught the lobster and found the creature firmly grasping it.

But he will be unable to thank the lobster who hung on to his wallet as it has now been eaten.

Bank cards working

The wallet vanished when Mr Westlake was swimming with his brother, Steven.

It came to light again when the diver got in touch with the Associates hairdressing salon in Plymouth, which Mr Westlake uses.

The diver, whose identity so far remains a mystery, handed the wallet in to the salon after finding a salon business card among the contents.

Mr Westlake collected it and found that the bank cards in it still worked despite immersion in sea water and the crush the lobster had on it.

He said he had never eaten a lobster and now never would, and that he intended to keep the wallet because its return was a good luck omen.

After being reunited with the wallet via the salon, Mr Westlake, from Milehouse, also said he wanted to meet and thank the diver.

Brothers 'are nuts'

Amy Harvey, who has worked at Associates for two years, said it had been the talk of the shop, and that they were as keen as Mr Westlake to find out who the mystery diver was.

She said: "We were contacted by a diver who said that he had found a wallet with our details inside.

"We actually thought it was a joke when he rang. He said it was found in the claw of a lobster."

Paul Westlake's mother, Elizabeth Westlake, said the family was very surprised after the wallet was recovered.

She said: "I didn't believe it in the first place."

She added of her sons' late-night swim: "That was typical of them. They are nuts, they take after their mother!"

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