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Last Updated: Monday, 6 March 2006, 14:25 GMT
Calf given second bovine TB test
Fern the calf being tested by government vets
Needles were sterilised in the second bovine test
The Devon calf at the centre of a row over bovine TB testing has had another visit from government vets.

Sheilagh Kremers' Dexter bull calf, Fern, was found to have reacted to tests for the disease at her East Ogwell farm near Newton Abbot.

After she refused to let the calf be killed, Defra admitted mistakes were made in how the test was carried out.

Fern has had a new TB test, but still faces the prospect of slaughter if the test proves positive on Thursday.

Farm confrontation

Ms Kremers said: "I have done everything I can. I am still convinced it will be clear."

But she said she would comply with the new outcome.

She watched as needles were sterilised before Fern was given bovine and avian antigens by the State Veterinary Service at the farm on Monday.

Fern the calf
Fern's test results are due on Thursday
She has refused to allow Fern to be slaughtered for more than two months, citing a flaw in the way the original test was carried out by the local vet.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs had insisted it was fine, and that said that Fern should be killed.

Mrs Kremers refused and there was a confrontation at the gates to her farm when she would not let officials in.

Last week, Defra minister and Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw said not all the instructions issued by the State Veterinary Service were followed and that information concerning the test at Mrs Kremer's farm had led to a review of the case.

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