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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 October, 2004, 13:15 GMT 14:15 UK
Paedophile is told to pay 50,000
William Goad
Goad boasted of being a millionaire
A paedophile has been ordered to pay 50,000 towards the cost of bringing him to justice.

William Goad, of Ford Park Road, Plymouth, pleaded guilty to 14 counts of serious sexual assault and two counts of indecent assault.

The 60-year-old was sentenced on Monday for the offences which took place on young boys over a 30-year period.

He was told on Tuesday to pay 20,000 towards prosecution costs and 30,000 towards his defence team's costs.

Minimum tariff

Goad was described in court as a "voracious, calculating, predatory and violent homosexual paedophile" who once boasted of beating his own "record" of abusing 142 boys in a year.

Victims of Goad and their families in court applauded as Judge William Taylor sentenced him to life in prison for each of 14 specimen counts of buggery.

The judge set Goad's minimum tariff in prison at six years and two months but warned him: "It may well mean in your case life will mean just that."

He also received three years for each of two counts of indecent assault and 12 months for obtaining a passport by deception, all to run concurrently.

The first count of abuse admitted by Goad took place in 1965.

Goad was a successful and wealthy businessman who boasted of being a millionaire but police have not managed to trace his assets, the court heard.

Victim services

Goad groomed his victims by offering them well-paid jobs in his shops and inviting them back to his home.

At a brief hearing on Tuesday, the court heard that Goad had 26,325 in his bank account, with a further 25,000 due to be transferred within 21 days.

But victim support groups say Goad's possible minimum of six years is not enough and that any money should be given to his victims and to voluntary groups that help them.

Shy Keenan from the Phoenix Survivors Group said: "What the system needs to do is provide the proper funding that groups need to deliver proper services to the victims, then you'll start to see a change.

"If you give them the help they need, you'd be astonished how much faster bringing their abusers to justice will come about."


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