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Protest against BNP summer event

BNP tent
The BNP summer festival was also held in Denby last year

People opposed to a British National Party (BNP) festival in Derbyshire have organised an event on the same day.

The Derby Racial Equality Council and Unite Against Fascism groups will hold a rally to coincide with the BNP's festival in Denby from 15 to 17 August.

Last year, the annual Red, White and Blue festival of "Britishness" was held in the village, on private farmland.

The rally organisers said it would be a peaceful event to bring different communities together.

Director of the Derby Racial Equality Council, Kirit Mistry, said: "We are not against the festival itself, rather the organisers of the festival in terms of what they portray, the hatred towards racial communities, religious communities."

He said the Denby festival sent "the wrong message out".

'Law-abiding people'

A spokesperson from Unite Against Fascism said: "We want as many good people as possible to come out on that day to protest against this festival, to say that we don't want the BNP in our area.

"They are not welcome in the East Midlands, their policies are disgusting, they are not in our view a legitimate political party, despite the fact that they are legal at the moment."

The organiser of the Red, White and Blue festival, Alan Warner, denied that the party was racist or fascist.

He said: "We are respectable people, law-abiding. I believe in the British National Party, I believe in what they stand for.

"This Sunday morning I woke up and there were 16 hypodermic needles put across my front gate. Last week they sent me flags... and they put on it 'the only good fascist is a dead one'."

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