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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 September 2007, 08:57 GMT 09:57 UK
Date to be set for solar pyramid
Artist's impression of the solar pyramid
Designers initially had problems funding the build of the pyramid
A new date has been set for work to start in Derbyshire on one of the world's largest sundials.

The 150-feet-high (45m) solar pyramid is being built at Poolsbrook Country Park, near Staveley in Derbyshire, half a mile from the M1.

Originally set to start in September 2004, work has been delayed because of funding problems.

Once completed, the pyramid will be more than twice the height of the Angel of the North.

Designer Richard Lester-Swain said the future was now looking good for the pyramid after problems with several unsuccessful grant applications.

"In the end, we went to the City and said 'right, we're going to build this thing' and we're now just about there with the money."

Solar power

He added: "Finance is less of a problem now than completing certain aspects of the design work because we're now combining the building of the pyramid with the building of the visitors' centre."

Mr Lester-Swain said work would now start in spring 2008 and the pyramid should take about nine months to complete.

The 1.2m structure will be powered by solar cells. Made of three polished stainless steel towers, the structure will cast a shadow across a 60-metre base marked out to trace both time and the rotation of the earth.

The main tower will point due south, while the other two will mark sunrise and sunset on the summer solstice.

Buried beneath will be a device which emits a pulse of light to the surface every second.

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