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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 December, 2004, 17:59 GMT
Burglar targeted elderly victims
A convicted burglar who struck at the homes of elderly people just hours after being freed from prison has been jailed for four years.

Tony Hendley, 39, of no fixed address, targeted four pensioners' homes in Derby on 29 April.

In one of the attacks he tricked his way into the home of an 82-year-old woman and searched the property while repeatedly demanding cash.

Hendley admitted the four burglaries when arrested shortly afterwards.

He first went to the house of an 87-year-old man in McKenzie Street and made off with just 5 after pretending to be from the gas board.

Small knife

He then moved on to the home of a 76-year-old woman in nearby Walk Street, Derby Crown Court was told.

He walked through the unlocked back door and took a digital clock and a radio.

Hendley then struck at an address in Cheviot Street, bluffing his way into the home of an 82-year-old woman by claiming to be a maintenance man.

He repeatedly demanded cash, then stayed and searched the property for 15 minutes, despite his terrified victim insisting she had no money.

Finally he targeted the nearby home of a 78-year-old but was forced to flee empty-handed when confronted by the woman's daughter.

Hendley, who had a small locking knife on him when he was arrested shortly afterwards, admitted four burglaries and possessing a bladed article.

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