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Last Updated: Monday, 23 February, 2004, 09:19 GMT
Anorexic heals scars by dancing
girl eating
Anorexics become obsessed with food
A teenager scarred for life after cutting herself says she wants to show other people her scars to tell others about her condition.

'Jenna', 19, from West Hallam in Derby is recovering from anorexia and depression.

Her illness has left her with more than a hundred scars on her body.

She has started a college class at Derby Dance Centre in order to show other people how the condition has affected her life.

Jenna described how she felt: "I really wanted to die, at one point I thought I can just starve myself to death.

"I didn't like going outside, I developed a bit of agoraphobia and I couldn't look in a mirror.

Signs of anorexia
Extreme weight loss
Dizzy spells and feeling faint
Poor blood circulation and feeling cold
Bloated stomach, puffy face and ankles
Constipation and abdominal pains

"That was a really low point for me when I had to have all the mirrors in my room covered up.

"You can see them along my arms, I have the lesser ones that have been there for three and a half years and then I have worse scars like those across my wrists. I must have hundreds.

The teenager who weighed just five and a half stone at one point believes the care she received in hospital and from a psychiatrist helped save her.

She is now looking forward to life and wants to educate others about how low people can feel.

The teenager attributes her change in attitude to her body after seeing a topless photograph of a cancer sufferer who had had a mastectomy.

This has led her to put her scars on show during dance shows.

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