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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 December, 2003, 09:56 GMT
Speed fine man faces prison
Ernie Harbon
Ernie Harbon says he has accepted the prospect of prison
A Derbyshire man says he is prepared to go to jail rather pay a fine after being caught by a mobile speed camera.

Ernie Harbon, from South Normanton, was driving at 38mph in a 30mph zone near Codnor but he claims the limit was not clearly marked.

He has refused to pay the fine or any court costs, has lost his licence and is the subject of an arrest warrant.

He said: "I have nothing to lose except my freedom but I am prepared to stand up to the police and courts."

Camera income

Mr Harbon accepts he was breaking the law but feels it is being enforced unfairly in his case.

He said: "It is all open fields, there are no signs saying what the actual speed limit is.

"I assumed - and assumed wrongly - that the limit was 40 miles an hour, as it was all so open."

He added: "I think, and most people think, that the cameras are there for money and that's it."

Safety concern

With 10 new cameras being set up in Derby, the total number of fixed cameras in the county has risen to 101.

But the authorities say the cameras are only put at locations where there is a proven speed and crash problem.

Sergeant Ian Windmill of Derbyshire Safety Camera Partnership, said: "We would much prefer the system where the cameras were redundant.

"That they where effective because they were not generating income, that is motorists were travelling at 30 miles an hour."

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