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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 February 2006, 09:14 GMT
Town's booze crime falls by 40%
Person drinking alcohol (generic)
Drink-related crime has fallen in Millom by 40%
A Cumbria town has reduced drink related crime by 40% thanks to a pub watch scheme and new opening hours.

Officers in Millom believe the success is down to their "get-tough" approach to troublemakers with 30 people barred from the town's pubs and clubs.

This week the government revealed violent crime fell by 11% during the Christmas crackdown on disorder.

Cumbria Police said their blitz had been even more successful thanks to the co-operation of pubs and clubs.

Eddy Hope, community officer and co-ordinator of the pub watch scheme, said: "We have hit the ground running with the new licensing act and it has, more or less, been a seamless transition.

Behaviour 'incentive'

"We have put a lot more onus on the owners of pubs and clubs to provide a safer environment for staff and customers.

"Because the town is isolated, being barred and not being able to have a social life in Millom can be a real headache because it takes about 40 minutes to travel to any other town such as Barrow. This is an incentive to behave."

Bill Wright, owner of the Knights Club in Millom, said that since he extended his opening hours to 0100 GMT, takings were up by 20%.

He said: "People are drinking more consistently throughout the day and there is no longer a rush to the bar for last orders or the over-ordering of drinks.

"We have always been very strict Bar Watch but have seen trouble reduced - there is no longer brawling and pushing and shoving."

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