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Last Updated: Friday, 14 October 2005, 20:11 GMT 21:11 UK
Yoko Ono completes peace project
Coventry Cathedral
Coventry was the site of one of their first peace protests
Yoko Ono has visited the Midlands to complete a sculpture she and husband John Lennon began nearly 40 years ago at the start of their peace campaign.

In June 1968, Yoko and the former Beatle entered a piece in a sculpture exhibition held at Coventry Cathedral.

The item, two acorns planted in white pots beneath a decorative white wrought-iron bench, was one of their first peace protests.

Fans later dug up the acorns so Yoko returned on Friday to finish the work.

'Spirit of peace'

"It was here in Coventry that the first public manifestation of our message occurred," she told the gathered crowd.

She, along with children from a Coventry primary school, dedicated two Japanese oak trees in celebration of her life and work with John Lennon and in recognition of the city's commitment to peace.

The event marked the start of the city's peace campaign

Yoko said: "I am pleased to dedicate the planting of these beautiful trees to the spirit of peace throughout the world.

"I am proud to carry on the work John and I did together to spread this highly important message."

The trees are being planted at the cathedral where people will be able to visit them.

Sitting on a bench in the cathedral grounds she said: "I just remember that when John and I came here we were just alone and nobody was around us."


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