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Weeds halt Easter boat tradition

Children were unable to sail their toy boats on Consols Pool in St Ives because the pool was choked with weeds

An Easter tradition which has seen families sail model boats on a village pond in Cornwall has been forced to stop because of over-grown weeds.

Generations of families in St Ives have spent nine decades sailing model boats at Consols Pool on Good Friday.

The pond clearing used to be sorted out by Penwith District Council but the authority was disbanded at the end of March to make way for Cornwall Council.

It has not yet been decided who is to be responsible for clearing the pool.

However, it is hoped that it will be organised in time for next year.

The tradition began in the early 1900s when fisherman and children used to sail model boats in St Ives' harbour.

It is thought to be a gesture to the old seafaring communities who used to launch miniature boats to sea before the arrival of summer in a bid to placate storm gods and give themselves a safe passage on future sailing trips.

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