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Celibacy the key to a long life

Clara Meadmore. Pic Apex agency
Clara only went into care this year

A woman who is celebrating her 105th birthday is attributing her long life to remaining celibate.

Clara Meadmore, a resident at Perran Bay nursing home in Truro, Cornwall, only moved in to care in January.

The retired secretary said sex meant marriage when she was young and she never wanted to marry.

"I have just never been interested in sex. I imagine there is a lot of hassle involved and I have always been busy doing other things."

Miss Meadmore was born in Glasgow in 1903, two years after Queen Victoria died, and she remembers the Titanic sinking and the outbreak of WWI.

Clara Meadmore in her younger days
Clara in her 30s

Her family travelled and she lived in Canada and New Zealand before moving back to Britain in her 20s where she worked as a housekeeper and secretary.

After serving in the army in Egypt during WWII, she lived between London and New Zealand before retiring to Cornwall 40 years ago.

She will celebrate her 105th birthday on Saturday by reading a card from the Queen and having a 'drop' of wine, she said.

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