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Lorry stuck between two buildings

Power lines had to be disconnected before it could be moved.

An articulated lorry raised a few eyebrows in a Cornish village after becoming stuck between two properties.

The lorry driver from Bristol was delivering egg cartons to a chicken farm in Cornwall, when he took a wrong turn and got firmly stuck in St Cleer.

No serious structural damage was caused, but the vehicle brought down power lines and engineers were called in to disconnect electricity supplies.

The lorry driver eventually managed to free the vehicle after about two hours.

The lorry was wedged between the village hairdressing salon and a private house.

I should imagine my boss is not the happiest of men right now
Simon Farrow, lorry driver

Homeowner Martin Archer watched anxiously as Mr Farrow tried to manoeuvre the lorry free.

Simon Farrow, a driver for Martin Logistics who regularly drives the route, said his usual route had been blocked by a broken-down tractor and trailer and he took an alternative direction on the advice of a local person.

"I should imagine my boss is not the happiest of men right now," he said.

But company owner, Martin Galpin, told BBC News his driver had nothing to apologise for and nothing to fear.

"He was just doing his job," he said.

"We're a small company and we've got really good guys, but we're all human.

"Everybody is allowed to make mistakes sometimes."

St Cleer lorry
Engineers disconnected power supplies until the lorry was freed

Mr Galpin said any damage caused by the lorry would be dealt with by his company.

"It's not a problem - what's important is that nobody was hurt," he said.

Villager Mavis McCoughlin, who was sitting having her hair done when the lorry got stuck, said she had a brief moment of worry, thinking it would come through the shop.

"But there was a colour on my hair, so we carried on regardless," she said.

Police helped Mr Farrow free the lorry, allowing the driver to finally complete his delivery of egg cartons.

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