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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 June 2006, 15:03 GMT 16:03 UK
Stolen milestone back on the road
A 150-year-old milestone stolen from Cornwall 10 years ago has been returned to its rightful home.

Milestone six, a 3ft high granite post which marked the route between Quintrell Downs and Summercourt, was spotted in a garden in Staffordshire.

Now it has been re-laid, with a concrete reinforcement, in its original spot beside the A30.

The owner said he bought it at a car boot sale and was pleased to see it returned to its original site.

It's a bit like stealing an old Master, they are easy to spot
John Higgens, Milestone Society
John Higgens of the Milestone Society said: "One of our Staffordshire members spotted it in someone's garden in Stafford.

"There's an awful lot of theft of milestones, but it's a bit like stealing an old Master, they are easy to spot.

"We said you shouldn't have this and when he realised it should be in Cornwall he was keen to get it back again."

Cornwall has more than 700 granite milestones. Milestone six was taken from a series of eight leading out of Newquay.

Ian Thompson, county co-ordinator of the Milestone Society, said: "It's great to have it back.

"It is very unusual for a milestone in Cornwall to be stolen. We look after them very well.

"They are great blocks of granite, so they are difficult to move and they haven't got the scrap value that cast iron ones have.

"They were originally just stuck in the ground, but half is underground and if it's cemented you're not going to lift that up in a hurry."

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