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Last Updated: Monday, 12 June 2006, 16:59 GMT 17:59 UK
Cage divers to see Cornish sharks
Richard Peirce:
Richard Peirce says many sharks are facing extinction
Divers are being offered the first chance to cage dive with sharks off the Cornish coast.

Shark conservationist Richard Peirce, from Bude, will be organising trips from Looe and Bude this summer.

The main targets are Blue and Porbeagle sharks, a cousin of the notorious Great White shark.

The trips are part of Mr Peirce's Shark Cornwall project, which he hopes will raise the public's awareness and understanding about sharks.

He said: "The global taking of up to 100m sharks annually is simply unsustainable and for many species extinction is just around the corner.

"There are two ways to stop this, to educate the politicians and the public and show they are worth more alive than dead."

Six trips are planned from Bude on the north Cornwall coast, and then a further six trips are planned from Looe on the south east coast and are due to start on 29 July.

British waters contain 33 different species of shark, of which Blue and Mako are considered dangerous to man, according to Mr Peirce.

Hammerhead sharks are also on the list and some people claim to have seen Great White sharks although it has never been proven.

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