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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006, 08:56 GMT
City's health park plans rejected
An ambitious scheme for a health park near the centre of Truro has been rejected by planners.

Carrick district councillors dismissed the proposal for surgeries and clinics on the former city hospital site.

There were to be surgeries for two doctors practices, clinics and offices. People living nearby said the complex would overshadow their homes.

Planners said the complex was not in keeping with the city. Doctors said they were disappointed at the decision.

Plans 'unravelling'

One of the GPs involved in the project, Doctor Anthony Hambly, said: "We're really very anxious to have a new development, and we've actually been looking at it for 10 years.

"The anxiety is that if the thing hangs around for too long, the whole thing will slowly unravel, which will be a shame for the development of health services within Truro."

The plans were rejected at a meeting held on Wednesday evening.

The chairman of Carrick District Council, Mike Cox, said the architects of the health park knew that planning officers were unhappy about the design.

He said: "We support the provision of the health centre, but that building's going to be there for donkey's years and it's going to affect Truro for donkey's years, so it's got to be right."


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