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'Ugliest' dog attacked by youths

The five-year-old Shitzu-Chinese Crested cross Mugly
Mugly had his only tuft of hair pulled out

A dog dubbed one of the ugliest in Britain has been attacked by a gang of youths in Cambridgeshire.

Mugly, a Shitzu-Chinese crested cross, was set on in a park after he went missing from his home in Peterborough.

The dog was rescued by a passer-by from the teenagers who were punching and kicking him.

Five-year-old Mugly, who was named Britain's ugliest dog by a national newspaper in 2005, was treated by a vet for bruises and sores.

Mugly's owner Bev Nicholson, 46, said the youngsters "even pulled out his clump of hair. It was the only hair he had".

I just can't understand why people would do that
Mugly's owner Bev Nicholson

She said: "Mugly leapt out of the lounge window last Thursday. He must have seen someone outside because he is a real 'people dog'.

"We searched high and low for hours and put posters up around the neighbourhood.

"I was convinced he had ended up under a car.

"About five hours after he went missing I got a phone call from a lady saying: 'I think I found your dog in a park, but don't get too excited because I had to pry him away from five 11-15-year-olds who were kicking him, punching him and hitting him with a stick'."

She added: "I just can't understand why people would do that. If it were my children they'd have brought him straight home - not attacked him."

"Mugly's bruises are really coming out now. He is a little jumpy but in the circumstances he is doing really well.

"People might say he is ugly but when you spend a minute with him you think he's gorgeous because of his personality."

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