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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 16:39 GMT 17:39 UK
Court battle over 'right to die'
Kelly Taylor
Kelly Taylor has been given less than a year to live
A 30-year-old terminally-ill Bristol woman has launched a legal battle to force doctors to end her life.

Kelly Taylor has been given less than a year to live and is fighting for the right to allow doctors to increase her medication to induce a coma-like state.

Mrs Taylor, who has heart and lung and spinal conditions, has also made a "living will" asking doctors not to provide artificial food or hydration.

The case opened on Wednesday at the High Court in London.

Mrs Taylor's lawyers are planning to use part of the European Convention on Human Rights which bans "inhuman or degrading treatment" to argue that she should not be refused steps which will end her life.

Mrs Taylor told BBC News: "I'm in constant pain and I sleep a hell of a lot, but I'm awake long enough to understand that things are getting really really bad."

Her doctors have refused her requests, saying it amounts to euthanasia.

And the British Medical Association has previously said that giving morphine with the deliberate intention of ending someone's life was "unlawful and unethical".


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