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Last Updated: Friday, 17 February 2006, 11:02 GMT
Ashfield 'reoffending rates high'
Ashfield Young Offenders' Institution
Kerry McCarthey MP says many inmates reoffend
A Bristol MP says 82% of youths who are released from Ashfield Young Offenders' Institute go on to reoffend.

Kerry McCarthey says she was told the figure during a recent visit to the facility in the north of the city.

"It's relatively high but I wasn't that surprised as the national average it quite high," she said.

The institute's manager, Gary Wilding, said a lack of support for housing when youths were released was partly to blame for the figure.

"One of the things for our young people is the lack of resources in the community especially around the housing stock," he said.

"The benefits system doesn't work in favour of young people when they are released because of their age.

"We think some people will leave and have no fixed abode."

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