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Last Updated: Monday, 19 September 2005, 10:44 GMT 11:44 UK
Furniture recycling scheme tested
Landfill site
Sending waste to landfill sites currently costs 18 per tonne.
A scheme to recycle abandoned furniture is to be launched in Bristol to help cut down waste going into landfills.

Items such as sofas and cookers, left by council tenants who have moved into new homes, are often sent to tips.

But civic amenity site workers told council officials that much of it was still in good condition.

A three-month trial, involving the Sofa Project charity, will start in Easton and Ashley next month to refurbish and find new homes for old furniture.

If successful, the council will look at rolling out the project to other areas across the city.

Setting example

Sending waste to landfill sites currently costs 18 per tonne.

Councillor John Kiely, Executive Member for Housing and Adult Services, said: "Even the furniture that is not suitable for a new life can be scrapped for the metal and wood rather than tipped.

"Residents have really shown their commitment to raising recycling rates and the council is rightly proud of their efforts. We have to set a better example and lead from the front."

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