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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 August 2005, 20:35 GMT 21:35 UK
Man proposes with 'talking' ring
The ring
A diamond was used to record the message in grooves
A man has proposed to his girlfriend with a talking ring inspired by Thomas Edison's 1887 phonograph.

Luke Jerram of Bristol spent seven months working with a jeweller and record manufacturer to create a ring that could play his spoken proposal.

The message - "I'll love you forever, marry me" - was etched in the ring with a diamond and played back on a mini record player.

His fiancee Shelina Nanji agreed to his proposal on board a hot air balloon.

"The ring is also a homage to Thomas Edison who was my age, 30, when he made his first sound recording machine the phonograph in 1887," said Mr Jerram.


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