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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 November, 2003, 06:03 GMT
Dialect guide is 'gurt lush'
A Dictionary of Bristle
The dictionary's authors hope to demystify the city's dialect
Two Bristolians have launched a dictionary to help decipher the city's local dialect.

"A Dictionary of Bristle" is an idea spawned from the satirical website, That Be Bristle.

The site features a guide - partly created from user contributions - which explains the meaning of local slang phrases such as "babber" and "rit"

One of the book's authors, Harry Stoke, told the BBC that he hoped the book would help reignite interest in the accent.

He said: "Bristol is a city which is built on history, and its language plays a large part in that.

"But like all regional dialects, Bristolian is in danger of dying out.

Local pride

"The aim of the dictionary is to collate words and phrases in common usage in and around Bristol in a bid to keep the language alive."

The book started off as a tongue-in-cheek collection of Bristolian words and phrases put together by Mr Stoke and co-author Vinny Green, but grew quickly on the web.

Popular 'Bristolian' words
"Babber" - Baby
"Casn't" - can't
"Gurt" - very
"Kinave" - can I have
"Rit" - Write
"Pitcher" - picture
"Wheres Attoo?" - where is that?

"Once it went public it became a sort of community project and has grown enormously thanks to submissions from Bristolians throughout the city, and the world, who are proud of how they sound."

Thousands have contributed to the website behind the project - it has generated more than 1.5m hits since launching last year.

"It's proved useful for Bristolians living abroad whose new found colleagues don't understand a word they say."

Although many of the words may seem strange, Mr Stoke says the most bizarre of them all is "gurt".

"That confuses the hell out of non-Bristolians!"


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