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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 October 2006, 21:15 GMT 22:15 UK
Police patrol dairy after attack
Medina Dairy in Windsor
Mounted police have been patrolling outside the dairy after the attacks
A petrol bomb has been thrown at a dairy owned by a Muslim family.

The Medina Dairy in Windsor, Berkshire, was targeted on Wednesday evening in a third night of unrest involving up to 50 youths in the area.

Mounted police have been patrolling outside the dairy, which is part of a complex that also houses an Islamic centre on Vale Road.

Three arrests have been made and more than 20 people were searched by police. There have been no reports of injuries.

Staff at the dairy told BBC News they have faced verbal abuse, their cars have been damaged and stones bricks and bottles thrown at the buildings.

Police officers said they cannot comment on the motive behind the unrest.

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