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Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 September, 2004, 18:06 GMT 19:06 UK
Transcript of 999 call
Mrs Pemberton: "I'm on Slanting Hill, Hermitage. I've got an injunction. My husband's out there with a gun and my son's there. He's got a gun and he's let off some shots. My son is out there with him. I have an injunction, he is not supposed to come within 50 metres of the house."

Shots are heard.

Mrs Pemberton: "Oh my God."

Operator: "What is your address?"

Mrs Pemberton: "Old Hallowes, Slanting Hill, Hermitage."

Loud bang followed by cry in background.

Mrs Pemberton: "Oh Jesus Christ, he has hurt my son. Oh my god he has come through the window with the glass. My son is 16. Please come quickly."

Loud bang and scream from Mrs Pemberton.

Operator: "Officers are on the way."

Mrs Pemberton: "He's breaking down the door. He is letting off shots. He is coming in. Oh my God, please help me. I am going to die. He has fired through both windows. I can hear him shouting and screaming. My son is with him. He is going to get me. I think he is in the house. I can hear him. Please help me."

The operator asks her to describe her house.

Mrs Pemberton: "Oh my God please help me."

Operator: "Where is he now?"

Mrs Pemberton: "I don't know. I am hiding in a cupboard. Oh God, he is here, please."

Operator: "Just stay quiet and see what happens."

Operator: "Can you hear your son at all?"

Mrs Pemberton: "No. It is all quiet. He's still shooting. He's got a shotgun. Oh my God. He's killed my son, oh my God."

Operator: "How many shots have you heard?"

Mrs Pemberton: "About a dozen. I can hear him coming. It has gone quiet. I heard another bang. He is letting off guns. He is banging down the door. Please help, my son could be dead. Oh God, I have about one minute before I die. Oh my God, help me."

Two loud bangs are heard

Mrs Pemberton: "He is coming in the other end. I can hear him bashing the glass. He's gone up the side. He is coming in now, he is coming. Oh my God. I can hear him. He is coming through.

Operator: "Are you upstairs?"

Mrs Pemberton: "No, I am hiding in the store room. He will catch me. He is coming. Here he comes. Here he comes.

Operator: "Have you got a child of 15 as well - can you tell me where that child is?"

Mrs Pemberton: "Here he comes, here he comes. Oh my God he's come."

Operator: "The police are coming. Are you downstairs?"

Mrs Pemberton: "Yes."

Mrs Pemberton tells the operator that she is unable to lock the storeroom door.

Operator: "Have you heard your son at all?"

Mrs Pemberton: "No."

Mrs Pemberton: "He is coming now."

There is the sound of a door opening.

Male voice: "You f*****g whore."

Mrs Pemberton cries out.

The line goes dead.

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