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People trafficking group jailed

Clockwise from top left: Gejza Kaco, Julius Tomi, Julius Dano, Aneta Goralova, Gabriella Bendikova, Marian Cervenak
The two families controlled the woman for financial gain

Two families have been jailed for their part in the people trafficking and forced prostitution of a Czech woman.

The 31-year-old woman from the Czech Republic was brought over to Manchester three years ago with her two children with promises of a better life.

The families, Roma gypsies from the Czech Republic, put the 31-year-old woman to work on the streets and in the brothels of Manchester.

Manchester Crown Court heard they did it for their own financial gain.

Five men and two women pleaded guilty to charges of people trafficking or controlling prostitution for gain at Manchester Crown Court.

On the victim's arrival into the UK Gejza Kaco, 24, forced her to hand over her passport and live at his home in Louisa Street in Openshaw, which he shared with his girlfriend Aneta Goralova, 21, his sister Bozena Kacova, 30, and her boyfriend Marian Cervenak, 28.

Kaco raped her and forced her to work as a prostitute and took her earnings. He also threatened to kill her and sell her children's organs or force them into pornography if she did not comply.

'Earn' abortion

She got pregnant by a client in February 2006 and shortly afterwards Kaco sent her back the Czech Republic to live with his parents and work in brothels.

Kaco sold her to his friend, Julius Tomi, for 900 and in August 2006 she returned to the UK, leaving her children in the Czech Republic with Kaco's parents.

Tomi, 23, forced her to return to work as a prostitute despite the fact she gave birth to her son just two weeks earlier.

She went to live with Tomi, his girlfriend Gabriella Bendikova, 23, and his father Julius Dano, 49, at Caythorpe Street, Moss Side.

Prosecutor Rachel Smith QC told the court: "She did what she was told because she was frightened of not being able to see her son again."

Judge Martin Rudland said the case was a story of "exploitation and degradation".

Trafficking and sexual exploitation is a form of modern day slavery that we are determined to stop
Det insp Mike Sanderson

He sentenced Kaco to eight years for two counts of trafficking a woman into the UK, one count of controlling a prostitute for financial gain and one count of rape.

Tomi, referred to by the judge as Kaco's "lieutenant", was sentenced to four years for one count each of trafficking into the UK, trafficking within the UK, and controlling prostitution for gain.

Kacova, Cervenak and Goralova were each jailed for two years for one count of controlling prostitution for gain.

Dano and Bendikova were each jailed for 20 months for one count of controlling prostitution for gain.

The defendants entered guilty pleas to these offences.

Kaco had previously been jailed for two years and three months for trafficking in the UK when he brokered the sale of a woman.

The judge recommended that all the offenders, with the exception of Dano and Bendikova, be deported.

Det insp Mike Sanderson, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "Trafficking and sexual exploitation is a form of modern day slavery that we are determined to stop."

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