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Heroes who risked lives honoured

Remains of a bus after the 7 July attacks
The 7 July attacks killed 52 people in attacks on three Tube trains and a bus

Two Tube passengers who tried desperately to save the lives of people injured and dying in the 7 July attacks have been honoured for their bravery.

Tim Coulson, from Oxfordshire, and Peter Zimonjic, formerly of London, were among 10 people recognised by the Royal Humane Society.

Each year the charity honours people who have put their own life at risk to try to save someone else.

Throughout 2007, 307 awards were given out by the charity.

Mr Coulson and Mr Zimonjic were both travelling towards Edgware Road on the Circle line when a bomb was detonated on a train going in the opposite direction.

They smashed the window of their carriage and tried to help those injured in the blast.

It was complete darkness, if somebody made a noise then I knew they were alive and I felt my way to them with my hands
Tim Coulson

Mr Coulson, of Henley-on-Thames, tried to help one man who had lost both legs. The victim died in his arms.

He then went on to give vital first aid to others.

Alison Sayer, whose life was saved by Mr Coulson, said she could not put her gratitude into words.

She said: "He didn't have to venture into our Tube. He didn't have to continue to help after seeing the scene in our carriage and after trying to help another person who died in his arms.

"Tim is indeed the bravest person I've ever known."

Tim Coulson
Mr Coulson said he felt "immensely proud" of his award

Mr Coulson said he felt "immensely proud" of his award.

"While this is a personal honour, I also accept it on behalf of all those involved in whatever way that day," he added.

Speaking about the event he said: "It was an instant response when it happened, once I heard the cries of such agony you have to do something about it. Those memories are still quite vivid.

"It was complete darkness, if somebody made a noise then I knew they were alive and I felt my way to them with my hands.

"One man died in my arms, part of my own discomfort was the thought I could have done more but the medical profession said nobody could have saved him.

"I have learnt to cope with the memories through psychotherapy and help and support from my family."

Canadian journalist and author Mr Zimonjic, 34, now lives in Ottawa with his wife Donna and their two children.

Rescuers honoured

Also recognised at the ceremony in Lancaster Place, London, was an off-duty police officer who rescued an elderly woman from a burning car,

Insp Gareth Davies, 37, was driving along the M20 near Sidcup in Kent when he saw a car on fire in the road.

The Metropolitan Police officer pulled over and tried to open the driver's door.

He said: "It was locked so I got in through the passenger door and pulled her out... by the time I got her out of the way, the car had burst into flames."

Care worker Michael Brightman, 60, of Truro, Cornwall, also received an award for intervening to stop a mentally ill man armed with a knife and a hammer from attacking another man.

Mr Brightman was a support worker for a group of men with mental health problems in Lanner Hill, Redruth, when the incident happened.

Also Pc David Martin, from Greater Manchester Police, who rescued an elderly man from a house fire in Rochdale, was recognised.

Pc Stewart Mc Illroy, of Suffolk Police, rescued three people from a burning car, while David Alberton and Terence Mizen, from Ipswich, was recognised for rescuing one person from a burning car.

Kevin Lloyd, of Sittingbourne, Kent, and Mark Hewitt, of Croydon, south London, received medals for rescuing a site foreman from a fire caused by cutting through a 33,000-volt cable.

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He was travelling on the Circle Line when a bomb was detonated on a tube coming the other way.

Award dedicated to dead teenager
14 May 08 |  Suffolk

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