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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 August 2007, 21:11 GMT 22:11 UK
Cousin of victim makes 7/7 film
Anthony Fatayi-Williams
Anthony Fatayi-Williams died in the Tavistock Square bombing
The cousin of a man who died in the 7 July London bombings has made a documentary film revealing the impact his death had on the family.

Anthony Fatayi-Williams, 26, who went to school in Sevenoaks, Kent, was killed when Hasib Hussain blew up a bus at Tavistock Square in 2005.

Thomas Ikimi, 28, of north London, has produced a film called The Homefront that charts his family's bereavement.

He said he hoped it would encourage people to join the debate on terror.

'Affect people'

Mr Ikimi said: "There was just a need to be involved in this, to feel like I was involved and doing something about a situation like this. That was the reason for starting the documentary.

"Obviously it was very difficult as it [the film] progressed, as you are revisiting things that people would normally push out of their minds. Having to deal with [those things] every single day... wasn't easy for me."

But he said the film was not just a simple tribute to his cousin.

Mr Ikimi added: "Because it's being made by a family member people expect that it's just a tribute to who you have lost but... the most fitting tributes are the tributes that actually affect people's lives and make their lives better in some way."


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