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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 August 2007, 00:39 GMT 01:39 UK
Animal cruelty case numbers rise
Monty with new owner RSPCA Insp Dave McCartney
Monty has been rehomed with RSPCA Inspector Dave McCartney
Neglect dominates a list of crimes against animals in the latest figures published by the RSPCA.

More than 230 cases of animal cruelty were reported to inspectors in the West Midlands in 2007, 57 more than the previous year.

The RSPCA said neglect had always been the most common form of cruelty but there was also concern about the number of violent acts of cruelty.

Amongst the worst cases was a dog castrated without anaesthetic.

The dog, a Labrador called Monty, was later taken to a vet who saved him from bleeding to death. He has now been rehomed.

Staffs and Wolverhampton 18
Shropshire/Herefordshire 23
Worcs/Gloucs 5
Warwickshire 26
Birmingham/West Mids 48

Among the complaints of neglect was a dog found starving in Telford, Shropshire. His brother had died and been buried in a garden the previous day.

In Staffordshire a cat was found suffering from an untreated facial abscess and a horse in Willenhall, in the Black Country, was found with a steel chain embedded in his neck.

Martyn Hubbard, regional superintendent for Wales and the West region, said these cases defied belief.

"Particularly shocking are the individuals who have more than one animal.

"They see a pet suffer and starve in front of their eyes and yet do nothing to prevent the same fate for other animals."

However, he said there was good news in that the society is seeing signs that a new animal welfare act, which allows inspectors to intervene earlier, is helping more animals before they start to suffer.

There has been a rise in convictions

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