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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 October 2006, 10:48 GMT 11:48 UK
UK cities enjoying 'resurgence'
Canal in Birmingham
The report found Birmingham had experienced "positive growth"
Some of Britain's biggest cities are experiencing a "resurgence" after years of decline, according to a new study.

London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds have all undergone "positive growth" since the start of the new Millennium, the study found.

Researchers at Glasgow University looked at more than 300 cities across Europe with populations above 200,000.

They found just 13 cities in "long-term decline" but three of them were in the UK - Glasgow, Liverpool and Newcastle.

But the study did note employment had risen in these three cities over the past decade.

Immigrant workers

The report found London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds had bounced back after severe de-industrialisation in the 1970s and 1980s.

The cities revived their fortunes by developing strong financial, business and consumer service industries and were attracting more university students, young professionals and immigrant workers.

The study said employment growth outstripped population in Newcastle

In contrast Glasgow, Liverpool and Newcastle had not seen population growth match the rate of expansion in employment, leaving some job vacancies not filled, according to the study.

Report co-author Dr Vlad Mykhnenko said: "To boost economic growth, governments must improve amenities and living environments to attract and retain population."

The report found national capitals and other large cities had enjoyed most success in recent years, with business growth demanding places with "excellent connectivity, thick labour markets, attractive environments and high-quality services".

The researchers said only one in three cities had enjoyed sustained growth over the past four decades and they were mainly in France, Spain and Germany.

The "resurgent" cities, expanding after long periods of decline, were mainly in the UK.

Another group of cities, mostly in eastern Europe, had been shrinking since 1990 because of emigration west.


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