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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 June 2006, 07:58 GMT 08:58 UK
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I am Irish, and have worked abroad during my early years. You are lucky to have Polish workers visit your country. In Ireland we estimate polish immigrants at 150,000. Many multiples of UK immigration per capita you discuss. We are luckier than you guys and we cope with our luck, stop exaggerating the issue. The cultural influence on you guys is needed and will benefit you. Enjoy. You should discuss compensating Poland for the brain drain, invest in Poland etc. MicheŠl de Burca, Ireland

You asked the question why so many Polish and gave the answer that Poland has the highest unemployment rate in Europe. I think that is only part of the answer and the majority of the reason is down to it having the highest population in Eastern Europe excluding Russia. Figures from the Times Atlas give Poland 39 million, Czech Rep.10 mil, Hungary 10 mil, Slovakia 5 mil, Latvia 2.5 mil, Lith 3.6 mil and Estonia 1.4 mil. Poland is just so much bigger than all the other countries put together. Paul, England

I hope that in a few year time we (Poles) will be treated equally all over the world for nowadays the only reason to leave our country are the wages we can get abroad. Many young people would rather stay and work in Poland but its impossible to survive for £200 or £250 a month. Dobry Rafal, Poland

On Sunday 11 June we were talking about the South East of England Regional Assembly and suggestions by some Conservative members that it is undemocratic and should be abandoned.

Below is the SEERA response

A recent MORI poll (June 2006) shows that awareness of the Assembly is at 37% across the South East. So nearly four in ten people have heard of the Assembly.
We do not use the acronym "SEERA" in any of our communications, precisely because it does not convey anything ... it is shorthand used by others.
So it is not surprising that your vox pop encountered low recognition.
You also claim that "no one asked us if we wanted 28,000 homes". In fact in 2005 the Assembly carried out the most extensive regional planning consultation ever held in the UK attracting 95,000 responses.
The Assembly consulted the public, local authorities, interest groups and other stakeholders on its draft South East Plan from January to April 2005. Following this the region's County Councils and Unitary Authorities carried out consultation on district housing numbers during autumn last year.
So to say that no one was asked about new housing is simply untrue.
To clarify, the South East Plan does not set targets for transport as such; it outlines transport priorities to help deliver growth in a sustainable way.
The Plan maps out future needs for the South East region, covering housing, jobs, transport and the environment.
Consultation, on behalf of an independent panel of inspectors, runs until 5pm on Friday 23 June, which is followed by an Examination in Public starting in November 2006.
Paul Bevan, Chief Executive, South East of England Regional Assembly

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