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Last Updated: Friday, 12 March, 2004, 19:34 GMT
South: How Green can you be?
Ian Paul
Politics Show South

Sometimes its difficult to know what to do for the best - even with nappies. Many people choose to have re-useable nappies because they believe that is a more environmentally-friendly approach. But it isn't always as easy as that.

Nappies pack
Will disposables come out the best?

The environmental organisation WRAP is keen to reduce the tons of disposable nappies that go into landfill sites.

But they say there is little to choose between the environmental impact of the two types unless someone provides you with a central laundry.

If there is such a laundry, re-useables come out on top.

Also on the programme...

In Woking, members of all the main political parties are united in advancing the cause of sustainable energy, with state of the art power stations and an increasing reliance on solar power.

They have a combined heat and power station - much more efficient than the normal sort.

And taking pride of place is a high technology fuel cell - producing electricity without pollution.

Power station
The sort of sight that the Green Party wants to go

Though they are "green" at heart their political colours are very different.

So with the Green Party meeting in Brighton this week we ask "How Green can you be"?

Even if we have "green" aspirations, is there much we can do about it by ourselves without some sort of Government initiative?

And talking of Government, the Green Party is seeking to re-position itself.

Green Party logo
Will the Green Party become more mainstream?

It wants to become more of a mainstream political party with a broader range of policies across a wider range of issues.

In future the Green policy on foreign affairs may be every bit as important to the party as their stand on GM crops and re-cycling.

We ask whether this will help establish them more firmly in the political life of the UK - or just run the risk of alienating those who may be environmentally aware - but already have other political affiliations.

Let us know what you think. That is the Politics Show Sunday 14 March at Midday.

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