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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 November, 2003, 15:23 GMT
Key points: Day 10
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley are on trial at the Old Bailey
The Soham trial is hearing witness evidence at the Old Bailey.

Police officers involved in the search for Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman are among those giving evidence.

Ian Huntley denies murdering the girls.

His former girlfriend Maxine Carr denies two charges of assisting an offender and one of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

The key details from witness statements on Day 10 are as follows:

  • Robert Jeynes was hitch-hiking from Grimsby on Tuesday 6 August, two days after the girls went missing, when he was picked up by Mr Huntley and Ms Carr who were driving back from Ms Carr's mother's house.

  • They started talking about the disappearance of the girls and Ms Carr told Mr Jeynes she used to be their classroom assistant.

  • Mr Huntley told Mr Jeynes that "apart from a woman on TV last night I was the last one to see them alive".

  • Mr Jeynes told the court Ms Carr seemed "very cold" with "no emotion there" but that Mr Huntley seemed "normal".

  • PC Gary Iddenten told the court Mr Huntley was helping him with a search of Soham Village College when, after an hour, officers were called back to the police station.

  • PC Iddenten said Mr Huntley "was surprised by the fact that we were leaving so quickly and asked why we were going back".

  • PC Iddenten was at the college the day after when Mr Huntley was with officers as they searched the site. PC Iddenten was called to watch a CCTV video that was "of interest".

    After watching the video he again met Mr Huntley who asked him "anything interesting"?

  • Sgt Mark Barker was the team leader co-ordinating the search of the college. When he got an urgent message to return to Ely police station Mr Huntley asked "have they found them"? Sgt Barker did not reply.

  • The search continued the day after when Mr Huntley told Sgt Barker he did not have keys to the "PE side" of the college building, including the hangar.

  • He said the previous caretaker had been sacked because of a relationship with a student. He said he thought that man may still have keys and alarm codes for the "PE side".

  • Mr Huntley told Sgt Barker he thought he was the last one to see the girls alive. When asked if Ms Carr had seen the girls on the Sunday night, Mr Huntley replied "no, she was in the bath".

  • Special Constable Sarah Lee was on foot patrol near the school when Mr Huntley shouted out to her. She told the court the voice was "quite sharp and made me stop".

  • They had a conversation in which Mr Huntley asked if there was any news. Ms Lee said there was not. Mr Huntley told her he was the last person to see the girls alive.

  • In a statement read out to the court, family liaison officer Christopher Meade said he saw Mr Huntley talking to Holly's father Kevin Wells at a press conference at the college on Wednesday 7 August.

  • Mr Wells then approached Mr Meade saying Mr Huntley would like to change his statement. Mr Huntley had said to Mr Meade: "I now realise I got my timings wrong".

  • Martin Mahoney, who sold cleaning equipment to the school and knew Mr Huntley as Ian Nixon, told the court he had talked with Mr Huntley about the "terrible business" of the disappearance of the girls.

  • Mr Huntley told him he thought they would be dead.

  • Special Constable Michael Kerr told the court that on Wednesday 7 August Mr Huntley approached him and brought up the subject of DNA.

  • Mr Huntley asked: "What do the police need for DNA evidence?" Mr Kerr replied saying a hair, skin cells or saliva.

  • Special Constable Sharon Gilbert told the court she also had a conversation with Mr Huntley, for between 20 and 25 minutes. He complained the press were expecting bad news and said " the atmosphere was not right with the press".

  • Mr Huntley asked how long DNA could be used for. Ms Gilbert said there was no timescale.

  • Mr Huntley told Ms Gilbert he hoped the father of one of the girls would not be questioned as "his daughter loved him a lot". She said he referred to the girls using the past tense.

  • Ms Gilbert told the court that Mr Huntley said the previous caretaker had been sacked over something to do with a pupil. He said it was possible this man had spare keys and alarm codes for the college.

  • Richard Latham QC read out a statement from Teresa Russell who said she spotted Mr Huntley at Keyside Court - a complex of bungalows for the elderly - as she drove past at 8.30pm on Wednesday 7 August. The defence said there was no dispute it was Mr Huntley.

  • PC Timothy Cleary told the court he was patrolling near the college in the early hours of Thursday 8 August when he saw Mr Huntley waving a torch.

  • PC Cleary accepted an invitation into Mr Huntley's house for a cup of tea. He said Mr Huntley's kitchen was "very bright... very clean".

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