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Last Updated: Monday, 17 November, 2003, 17:43 GMT
Key points: Day Nine
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley are on trial at the Old Bailey
The Soham trial is hearing witness evidence at the Old Bailey.

Staff from Soham Village College, where defendant Ian Huntley worked as a caretaker, were among those giving evidence. 2002.

Ian Huntley denies murdering the girls.

His former girlfriend Maxine Carr denies two charges of assisting an offender and one of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

The key details from witness statements on Day Nine are as follows:

  • Lorraine Barnes, a neighbour of Mr Huntley, visited him to tell him she had been asked by police to search the college grounds on Monday 5 August.

  • He told her there was no need as it had been searched the night before by officers with dogs.

  • When she asked if skips had been searched he replied: "Why would anybody want to look at those?"

  • He denied seeing the girls on the night they vanished.

  • Fellow Soham Village College caretaker Michael Gee, who was on paternity leave, went into the college at 2000 BST on the night the girls went missing. He saw Mr Huntley who "did not seem too concerned".

  • On Wednesday morning, Mr Gee had to unlock the hangar at the college and found the padlock was undone but the actual lock on the door was not, which was "not normal".

  • Afterwards, he was invited back to Mr Huntley's house for a cold drink and found Ms Carr scrubbing the walls. She complained she was scrubbing so hard the paint was peeling off.

  • Mr Gee explained that during the first week of the girls' disappearance Mr Huntley was nervous of the press but in the second week he seemed to be "courting" them.

  • College principal Howard Gilbert told the court that on Thursday morning Mr Huntley rang him to complain he felt harassed by the press and wanted daily press conferences moved elsewhere.

  • Mr Huntley nevertheless continued to attend the press conferences.

  • Mr Gilbert said Mr Huntley told him a medium had claimed the girls were in Mildenhall, an area close to RAF Lakenheath where the bodies were eventually found.

  • Det Con Andrea Warren took a statement from Mr Huntley at his house the day after the disappearance.

  • In his statement he said his dog had got out and when it came back he bathed it in the bathroom because it was dirty.

  • He said he was towelling the dog dry at about 1830 BST when he saw two girls wearing matching Manchester United shirts.

  • Det Con Warren said Mr Huntley was "agitated" when he made his statement and had "clammy" hands.

  • In his statement Mr Huntley said when he had initially spoken to people searching he had not made a connection with the girls he had spoken to earlier.

  • He said he had spoken to someone at about midnight and indicated he may have seen the missing children.

  • Det Con Warren said the language used in Mr Huntley's statement gave the impression Ms Carr had been in the house when he saw the girls.

  • After Mr Huntley had given his statement Det Con Warren searched the house and found it to be very clean and smelling of lemon cleaning fluid.

  • Upstairs, the main bedroom was messy "in contrast with downstairs".

  • Another police officer, Det Con Jonathan Taylor, said Mr Huntley told him he had seen a man in a dirty red Ford Fiesta car driving slowly around the college car park on the afternoon the girls disappeared.

  • After performing a search in Mr Huntley's house Det Con Taylor had to return to complete some paperwork.

  • As he handed over papers Det Con Taylor said Mr Huntley said: "You think I've done it, I was the last person to see them" and started crying.

  • Statements from a number of local people, read out by Richard Latham QC, described how Mr Huntley was seen cleaning his car on the evening of Monday 5 August.

  • Stephen Fitchett, who was on his way home from searching for the girls, told the court Mr Huntley approached him as he passed his house to ask how the search was going.

  • Mr Huntley then told Mr Fitchett police had already searched his house which made him "look guilty".

  • Special Constable Leslie Redhead was patrolling near St Andrew Primary School on the evening of Monday 5 August when Mr Huntley approached him.

  • Mr Huntley said he had been walking his dog and had seen someone near the treeline carrying a black bin bag package. He said he shouted out but the man ran off towards the woods.

  • The special constable took Mr Huntley over to regular police officers, including PC Nicholas Thwaites, who told the court: "He appeared to be sweating. He was breathing heavily as if he had been doing some kind of physical activity."

  • Mr Huntley again said he had shouted at someone crossing the school playing fields carrying something heavy in their outstretched arms. PC Thwaites said he could not see anyone else around.

  • Special Constable Russell Goldsmith says he was also patrolling near the primary school when Mr Huntley, who was with Ms Carr, came over to report a man carrying a bin bag.

  • Mr Goldsmith and Ms Carr started talking about Mr Huntley's dog. Mr Huntley said he sometimes had play fights with the dog and pointed out three vertical scratches to his face.

  • The scratches, which Mr Goldsmith said he had not previously noticed, were each an inch long and on his jawline.

  • PC Richard Edmonson said he drove around in a van with other officers investigating Mr Huntley's tip-off but found nothing. The officers approached Mr Huntley who repeated his claim.

  • Marion Clift, who lived next door to Maxine Carr's mother Shirley Capp in Grimsby, said on Saturday 3 August she saw Ms Carr and her mother leaving the house together.

  • She said she saw them again on Sunday, and on Monday she spoke briefly to Ms Carr. On Tuesday 6 August Mrs Clift said she saw Ms Carr and Mr Huntley outside Mrs Capp's house looking into the boot of a red car. She said Ms Carr was crying.

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