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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 November, 2003, 17:33 GMT
Key points: Day 16
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley
Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley are on trial at the Old Bailey
The Soham trial is hearing prosecution evidence at the Old Bailey.

Most of Thursday was taken up with the reading, by prosecution barrister Karim Khalil, of transcripts of police interviews with Maxine Carr.

Ian Huntley denies murdering Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

His former girlfriend Ms Carr denies two charges of assisting an offender and one of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

The key details from witnesses on Day 16 are as follows:

  • In a statement to police on Saturday 17 August, hours after her arrest on suspicion of murder, Ms Carr said Mr Huntley was "rattled" by being the last person to see the girls alive and said it "shook him to the core".

  • Ms Carr described how she and Mr Huntley felt nervous while the search for the girls continued but added "he hasn't got anything to hide".

  • In a further interview with police on Monday 19 August, Ms Carr described herself as an "obsessive" cleaner while she called Mr Huntley a "couch slouch" who rarely cleaned up after himself.

  • When asked if she or Mr Huntley had sexual relations with children, Ms Carr replied "no" and said she found the question "disgusting".

  • Ms Carr said Mr Huntley "wouldn't have the strength of mind" to hurt the girls and said "he's not a malicious person, he's not a violent person".

  • Ms Carr told police she would not protect Mr Huntley from a charge of murder or abduction and said "all he told me to do is tell you the truth".

  • When pressed about why she lied about being in Soham on the weekend of the girls' disappearance Ms Carr said she "did it because I couldn't see his [Mr Huntley's] mother go through it".

  • Ms Carr told police officers her relationship with Mr Huntley was "a team effort - I look after Ian, he looks after me".

  • She denied being scared of Mr Huntley but said he had once slapped her across the cheek which she said had "shook me up".

  • She said when Mr Huntley was angry he would shout and storm out so he could "be on his own".

  • In her statement Ms Carr was shown a note written by Mr Huntley saying "4.55pm, got in bath, 5.40 to 5.45pm, dog home, 6.15pm, girls arrive, 6.55pm, came down to put on tea". She admitted he had written the note because "he said I had to get the story right".

  • When told by officers Mr Huntley had been charged with murder Ms Carr said "no he can't have been, he can't have been. I haven't done anything and Ian hasn't done anything"

  • Ms Carr said she was not working with Mr Huntley, saying "he ain't got no flaming hold of me"

  • When an officer said Mr Huntley could not have committed the murders on his own Ms Carr said "I didn't help him except give him an alibi" and if he had done "something like this" she "wouldn't want to be with him"

  • Ms Carr replied "no" when asked if she was involved with grooming the girls with a view to murder

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