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 Thursday, 2 January, 2003, 17:34 GMT
Body parts police fear more victims
Anthony Hardy
Anthony Hardy was caught on hospital CCTV cameras
Police investigating the discovery of the dismembered bodies of two women in north London fear for the safety of a third woman and have urged her to come forward.

Kelly Anne Nicol, 24, from Falkirk, Scotland, has not been seen since Boxing Day when she was spotted shopping with a man police want to question about the bodies.

It has emerged a man believed to be Anthony Hardy spent four hours in a London hospital on New Year's Day trying to get medication for his diabetes.

Kelly Nicol
Kelly Nicol was last seen on Boxing Day
He has shaved off his beard since police appealing for him to come forward released his picture.

Staff told officers that Mr Hardy, a former alcoholic, smelled of drink.

They did not recognise him, although he had given his own name but had apparently altered his appearance.

He left the hospital without receiving any medication after staff tried to talk to him about putting him in a hostel.

Police launched their investigation on Monday after a homeless man found body parts in a bin liner behind the College Arms pub in Camden.

A torso of a young woman was later found in another bin about 100 yards from the original discovery.

Several more bags containing other body parts were also found nearby.

DNA tests

On Wednesday, detectives said they wanted to interview Mr Hardy, who is in his 50s, after part of a torso was discovered at his nearby home.

Divers spent Thursday searching the Regent's Canal in Camden as police try to find the victims' heads and hands.

Police hope DNA tests will help them identify the bodies.

The remains have been taken to St Pancras mortuary, where they are being examined.

The victims are believed to be two women, one middle-aged and the other in her late teens or early 20s.

Anthony John Hardy
Anthony Hardy before he shaved off his beard
Police do not believe Ms Nicol is one of them because she has distinctive tattoos on her chest and right thigh.

Detectives fear there could be other victims and are checking all recent missing persons reports.

A man who was arrested on Thursday after being spotted by an off-duty police officer in Greenwich, south-east London, has been released.

Scotland Yard said it was not Mr Hardy and a case of mistaken identity.

Prostitute killed

Detectives are believed to be liaising with officers from Operation Welwyn, Scotland Yard's anti-vice unit in the area.

In December 2000 the dismembered remains of a Liverpool-born prostitute, Paula Fields, were discovered in the Regent's Canal, close to the point where divers began a search on Thursday.

Her killing has never been solved and Detective Chief Inspector Ken Bell, who is leading the latest inquiry, is expected to liaise with officers who worked on that case.

But one detective, who worked on the Paula Fields case, told BBC News Online that there is no suggestion that the two cases are linked.

  The BBC's Rob Parsons
"There are fears for the safety of a third woman"
  The BBC's Daniel Sandford
"Police have released a fresh photograph from CCTV footage"

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