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Monday, 21 October, 2002, 15:33 GMT 16:33 UK
Inside Diana butler's home
Paul Burrell and Diana
Diana's butler was always close by on trips
The jury in the trial of the former butler to Diana, Princess of Wales has been given a video tour of his home.

Royal memorabilia strewn around Paul Burrell's home included signed portraits of the princess and pictures showing him on tour with the royals.

To Paul with love from Diana

Princess' photo message

Mr Burrell, 44, from Farndon in Cheshire, denies stealing 310 items from Diana, the Prince of Wales and Prince William.

He filmed the video before the ongoing trial but after police seized hundreds of items from his home during a raid in January 2001.

His defence counsel, Lord Carlile QC, said the amount of memorabilia that remained demonstrated the people living there "either had royal connections or were nuts on royalty - or both".

Tour snaps

The video begins outside Mr Burrell's house in Farndon, with green ivy creeping up the outside of the three-storey brick building.

Through the blue front door, the former butler's hallway, painted burnt orange, is lined with photographs.

Paul Burrell and Diana
Pictures of Mr Burrell's time with the royals cover his house
One shows the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in a horse-drawn coach, with Mr Burrell in uniform on the back.

There was a picture of Diana in Pakistan in 1991, posing with a group of people, and another formal pose from Czechoslovakia, signed by both Charles and Diana.

Turning left into the study the video shows a desk cluttered with papers and a computer and printer.

The room has coloured box files arranged on a set of free-standing shelves and a pine bench seat by the door.

Empty case

The seat tilts up to reveal storage space beneath - the place where police found many of the items Mr Burrell is accused of stealing.

On the wall of the study is a 45rpm record signed "Diana".

Royal memories
Reagan wedding gift
Testino portrait
'Charles' landscape
Prince of Wales feathers

Across the hall into the living room, the white feathers of the Prince of Wales are arranged in the fireplace.

Next there is the empty black wood and glass case on the wall where a ceremonial sword was once on display.

Listed as number 281 on the list of possessions Mr Burrell is accused of stealing from Diana, the sword was engraved at Griffin International Wilkinson Sword and the scabbard bore the inscription: "A historical tribute to General Sam Houston Battle of San Jacinto April 21st 1836."

Taking the jury up the stairs, the QC pointed out a framed watercolour painting of a landscape, signed "Charles".

In the Burrells' main bedroom, the green walls are again covered with pictures.

Across the hallway, still on the first floor, Mr Burrell walks the camera into a lounge and dining area.

Model posters

Photographs of members of the Royal Family include a signed picture of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and of the Duchess of York, inscribed with a "fond and close" message to Paul Burrell.

In another collection of framed snaps is a striking black-and-white photo of Diana taken by society photographer Mario Testino and used in Vogue magazine.

Mr Burrell with a painting of Diana, Princess of Wales
Diana once described Mr Burrell as "my rock"

It is signed: "Dearest Paul and Maria, fondest love from Diana."

Other pictures are signed "To Paul with love from Diana" and "Fondest love from Diana."

There is also a porcelain kingfisher statue which was a wedding gift to Charles and Diana from the former US President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy.

Only the bedrooms of Burrell's teenage sons Nicholas, 15, and Alexander, 17, escape the royal touch - they are adorned with posters of female celebrities popular with young people, including model Caprice and pop group Atomic Kitten.

In one of the boys' bedrooms, Lord Carlile pointed out a signed poster of Lennox Lewis - "a boxer" he informed the judge.

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