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Students bring kit worth 6,000

Laptops are the most important possession to students

A laptop is a student's best friend, according to a survey, which claims that the days of impoverished students with few possessions are long gone.

The average student beginning university will now bring possessions worth more than 6,000, says an annual survey from Endsleigh Insurance.

As well as computer equipment this includes sports gear, games consoles, television and music players.

The survey involved 1,000 students and young people about to start university.

In terms of what students thought were their most important possessions, the top three items were laptop, mobile phone and clothes.

Bikes than books

This year's survey of the value of the possessions brought by students suggests that university accommodation must be bursting at the seams with electrical equipment.

Computers, printers, televisions, DVD players, video cameras, computer games, digital cameras, personal organisers, iPods and music players are all stacked up in the modern student's bedroom.

Musical instruments and equipment, worth on average 689, are another feature of student life - along with ski or surfing kit, which can be worth another 440.

This average student is also likely to have a bike (210) that is worth more than the combined value of the books they have brought (180).

An even higher value is likely to be attached to their clothes - worth on average 476.

This is the latest in a series of surveys highlighting the contrasting directions in student life. Previous surveys have estimated that students bring equipment worth between 3,000 and 7,000.

Students now have much more spending power and more possessions than the traditional image of the charity shop student - and accommodation has become less spartan.

But there has also been an increase in student debt, with fees and living costs leaving students with much higher debt levels than the old-fashioned image of the hard-up student as portrayed in The Young Ones TV sitcom.

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