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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 May 2006, 17:27 GMT 18:27 UK
Law college claims degree first
Lawyer in wig
College will offer law degrees to non-law graduates
The College of Law has become the first private institution to be able to award degrees in England and Wales.

The college, which trains students to become solicitors and barristers, will offer a graduate diploma in law from September this year.

Already the biggest provider of legal education in Europe, the college's chief executive said he was "proud" to be able to offer degrees as well.

Education minister Bill Rammell said it had strong links with the profession.

Mr Rammell said the college had fulfilled strict criteria from the Quality Assessment Agency (QAA) to be granted the role.

"It has a powerful regional, national and international presence," he said.

The teaching and administration staff of The College of Law can be proud of this achievement
Prof Nigel Savage
Chief executive

"Its strong links with the profession, and law firms in particular, are good examples of employer-led education and training."

The college has centres in Birmingham, Chester, Guildford, London and York and will become a specialist provider of post-graduate legal education able to award an LLB to non-law graduates.

The College of Law's Chief Executive Professor Nigel Savage said the new degrees would make a career in the law "more attractive" and "promote access to the profession for graduates from a broader variety of backgrounds".

"The teaching and administration staff of The College of Law can be proud of this achievement, which has been a team effort."

Two-year honours degrees offered
18 Apr 06 |  Education


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