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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 December 2005, 14:32 GMT
Teacher training places reduced
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Falling rolls have resulted in the closure of small schools
There are going to be fewer places for trainee teachers in England over the next two years.

The Training and Development Agency for Schools is reflecting more stable recruitment and falling pupil numbers.

There are still shortage areas, notably in maths and science at secondary school level.

But there are also more newly qualified primary school teachers than needed, with some resulting unemployment.

More RE places

The training agency (TDA - formerly the Teacher Training Agency) is provisionally allocating 15,253 places for would-be primary teachers with training institutions for 2006-07, which is 4% fewer than this year.

In the current year, there have been some 16,113 new primary entrants compared with a Department for Education and Skills target of 15,800.

Places are being cut by a further 3% for 2007-08.

In the secondary sector, cuts range from 19% in the case of trainee history teachers to small increases in the number of places for religious education and mathematics.

This year there were 679 new religious education trainees compared with a target of 730, and 2,058 maths trainees against a target of 2,350.

The TDA's executive director of initial teacher training, Graham Holley, said: "More emphasis will be placed on filling regional needs.

"Although pupil numbers are dropping fast, we acknowledge the continuing demand for mathematics and science teachers."

He added: "We also expect there to be greater competition for places and I am confident that we will see the high quality new teachers that schools need to continue to improve standards and help every pupil to fulfil their potential."

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