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The year that was: Global financial quiz 2009

Gold bars
Going for gold: the precious metal hit a record high in December this year

The year 2009 may go down as the one in which the world economy was brought back from the brink of collapse.

Certainly if you'd listened to the doomsayers this time last year, a full-blown depression was imminent.

But concerted government action across the world has restored at least some confidence in the banking sector, while most major developed economies have begun to grow again.

Our month-by-month quiz highlights just some of the events that shaped 2009.

In a year in which business and economics continued to dominate headlines across the world, how closely were you paying attention?

Question 1
Which country introduced a car scrappage scheme in January that went on to become the biggest scheme in the world?
A: The US
B: Germany
C: France
Question 2
The price of US light crude oil hit its lowest level of the year on 12 February, but what was the price?
A: $24 a barrel
B: $34 a barrel
C: $44 a barrel
Question 3
Which UK company, which ran some of the best-known fashion retailers on the High Street, went into administration in March?
A: Mosaic
C: Woolworths
Question 4
Which country unveiled in April its third major economic stimulus package since the onset of the financial crisis worth $150bn (94bn)?
A: The US
B: Japan
C: China
Question 5
Which two well-known European carmakers announced in May they had agreed to merge?
A: Renault and Peugeot
B: BMW and Mercedes
C: Porsche and Volkswagen
Question 6
Which US carmaking giant filed for bankruptcy on 1 June?
A: Ford
B: Chrysler
C: General Motors
Question 7
Eurozone unemployment hit a 10-year high in July, but which country had the highest unemployment rate?
A: Spain
B: Italy
C: Ireland
Question 8
Figures released in August showed that which two major economies exited recession between April and June?
A: France and Germany
B: The UK and Germany
C: Japan and the US
Question 9
Which country passed a provisional banking code in September that limits bonuses to no more than 100% of a banker's annual salary?
A: The UK
B: France
C: The Netherlands
Question 10
In October, which country became the first G20 nation to raise its interest rates since the onset of the financial crisis?
A: Australia
B: Brazil
C: India
Question 11
Which US food giant made a hostile bid of $16.4bn (9.8bn) for UK confectioner Cadbury in November?
A: Kraft Foods
B: Tyson Foods
C: Hershey
Question 12
The price of gold hit its highest level on record in December, but what was the price?
A: $927 an ounce
B: $1,227 an ounce
C: $1,427 an ounce

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