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Jobless rise for OECD countries

People queuing at a job fair in the US
US unemployment continued to rise, the OECD said

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has said unemployment in its member countries has edged higher.

The jobless rate in OECD nations was 8.6% in August, up from 8.5% in July and from 6.3% in August 2008.

The organisation has predicted that the rate could near 10% next year, and last month called for innovative policies to tackle high global unemployment.

The OECD brings 30 governments together to discuss key issues.

There have been signs of recovery in many OECD member-states, including France, Germany and Japan, who have all pulled out of recession after their economies registered growth.

However, unemployment tends to rise even after growth has returned to an economy.

The average unemployment rate among European members of the OECD rose to 9.8% and in the US it climbed to 9.6%. However, the rate fell slightly in Japan to 5.5%, the body said.

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