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Europe's football finances 2006/7

A study of The 'Big Five' European leagues by Deloitte has found that football is in good shape, though each competition has its own financial characteristics.

graph of wage costs

Note: Spanish wage costs figures for the period 1996/97 to 2006/07 are estimated, based on a sample of clubs' accounts.

graph of revenue growth

Graph of how european leagues make their money

Note: Matchday revenue is largely derived from gate receipts (including season tickets and memberships). Broadcast revenue includes revenue from television and radio, from both domestic and international competitions. Sponsorship revenue is mainly derived from brand/name placing on team shirts and around stadia. Other commercial revenues include conferencing, catering and merchandising. For the Premier League and La Liga (Spain), commercial revenue is not disaggregated into "sponsorship" and "other". La Liga's revenue breakdown has been estimated.

graph of operating profits

Note: Differences in accounting practices may affect detailed comparisons - although overall observations are still, in Deloitte's view, valid. All figures exclude player transfer amortisation. It has not been possible to estimate Spanish operating performance due to an insufficient number of Spanish Primera Liga club accounts being available to us. Compared to previous editions of the Annual Review, the operating results of Italian clubs for seasons 2002/03 to 2004/05 have been restated to exclude player amortisation relating to Salva Calcio legislation.

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