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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 April 2007, 09:08 GMT 10:08 UK
Service hurdles for older people
A pensioner woman
Older people face discrimination in goods and services
Older people are routinely being denied access to basic financial services because of ageist attitudes in society, a charity has said.

Help the Aged said it had uncovered examples of older people being turned down for loans, travel insurance and current accounts on age grounds.

Last year, ageism at work for people under age 65 was outlawed.

The charity said it wanted a similar ban on age discrimination in the provision of goods and services.

Older people want equal treatment and they expect their government to take action on age discrimination
Kate Jopling Help the Aged

Public bodies, such as local councils and health authorities, should be compelled to promote age equality and stop treating older people unfairly, the charity added.

As part of the charity's ongoing campaign, hundreds of protestors will lobby MPs outside parliament on Wednesday.


Older people can often find it very hard to obtain travel insurance because insurers see them as more likely to make a claim.

As for loans and other financial services, many older people are on low incomes and this can lead to them being given a poor credit rating.

"Older people want equal treatment and they expect their government to take action on age discrimination," Help the Aged senior policy manager Kate Jopling said.

The government, meanwhile, said that it was committed to ending age discrimination.

"We have prohibited it (age discrimination) in employment and vocational training and are tackling it further in the provision of public services," Meg Munn, equality minister said.

"The discrimination law review will shortly be consulting on whether further steps are necessary," she added.

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