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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 September 2006, 05:28 GMT 06:28 UK
Toshiba recalls 340,000 batteries
Toshiba Dynabook laptop
Toshiba said there was no fire risk
Toshiba is to replace about 340,000 laptop computer batteries worldwide, the third recall of faulty batteries made by Sony since mid-August.

The batteries, used in Toshiba's Dynabook and Dynabook Satellite laptops made between March and May of this year, could lose all their power.

However, unlike Dell and Apple last month, Toshiba said there was no risk of the faulty batteries catching fire.

Toshiba said the recall would not affect its earnings.

'Rare cases'

A Toshiba spokesman declined to estimate the cost of the move, and would not say whether Toshiba was asking Sony to foot the bill.

Toshiba said the batteries would die "only in rare cases".

Last month, Dell recalled four million laptop batteries made by Sony, and Apple recalled 1.8 million, after both said there was an over-heating and fire risk.

Dell said it knew of six instances since December when the batteries overheated or caught fire.

Sony has predicted that the recall of its Dell and Apple batteries will cost it between 20bn and 30bn yen ($172m to $258m; 91m to 137m).

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