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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 September 2006, 13:38 GMT 14:38 UK
Falls bring Segway scooter recall
Segway personal transporters
Take care! This is Segway's second recall
Segway, the company which launched the self-balancing scooter it said would "sweep over the world and change lives", is recalling all its vehicles.

A glitch in the device's software means the machines, which cost up to $5,500 (2,915) may unexpectedly change direction, causing riders to fall off.

All 23,500 personal transporters - formerly known as human transporters - are being recalled.

Segway has had reports of six accidents causing head and wrist injuries.

The repairs will be carried out at service centres around the world.

Fuel problem

This is the second recall the firm has faced since the unusual mode of transport went on sale in 2002.

The following year the first 6,000 sold had to be returned after a problem was discovered that led to riders tumbling off when the devices ran out of fuel.

George W Bush once fell off a Segway, while Tony Blair was given one by the King of Jordan.

Its inventor, US engineer Dean Kamen, expected it to be a huge hit in cities where traffic congestion clogs the roads.

But while it has gained popularity in a lot of European cities, it has hit a hurdle in the UK.

The Department for Transport has invoked the Highway Act of 1835 to ban it from pavements, and EU vehicle certification rules it off roads.

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